Discover the Benefits of Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Request windshield wiper replacement services in the Kent County area

Part of being a responsible car owner means relying on professionals to perform routine vehicle maintenance. You can trust On The Move Quick Lube for your maintenance needs in the Kent County area, including mobile car battery replacements, windshield wiper replacement services as well as replacing air filters and lightbulbs. Our licensed and insured technicians will make sure your vehicle keeps running well for as long as possible.

5 reasons to get mobile car battery replacement or other routine vehicle maintenance

Routine maintenance is worth it in the long run. Our thorough mechanics will help you:

  1. Avoid a breakdown
  2. Reduce future repair costs
  3. Maintain your vehicle’s value
  4. Extend the life of your vehicle
  5. Check for proper vehicle safety

Our mobile car battery replacement and windshield wiper replacement services make maintenance a breeze, so there’s no reason to put off your next maintenance appointment. Get in touch with us now to schedule services in the Kent County area.

Extra Items and Services

Windshield Wiper Replacement (Front Set)

starting at $12

Air Filter Replacement

starting at $11

Light Bulb Replacement

starting at $7